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tv   [untitled]    December 9, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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actually m oh , magic cheryl davis is on the community building panel. we work with them alot. mo magic came out of bay view. what she does and what we all do is volunteer and go to the meetings, is they actually find all of the different support and community based organizations from youth on up, families. they connect it to the community. they have a special events the black and white ball was put on by the mo magic. we did a call out and said come and volunteer at the black and white ball. even though it's not no in your neighborhood -- as you know nobody can put up a wall around your neighborhood.
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a lot of the different services are on different panels. one of the reasons we couldn't load the panel up more was time. we decided to step up and talk about the services. our police officers have a resource guide that when they go they hand out resource guides to families and the hopeless and the drug addiction. but also one of the things we believe in and what we are talking about here is we want prevention. when they are there playing football with the kid or fixing their bikes and see something going on in the family and the parent come out and talks to them about something everyone on the panel can give the resource
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information. you have to educate the community. there is not enough money and enough resources out there to be out reaching. as a community you need to know what's out there. regina? >> i also wanted to add that may be some of the individuals are not here but in developing your neighborhood connection, those people should be in your neighborhood connection and that's what's built up in the neighborhood community. that's in terms of like from our office as an example with mo magic being developed was that hearing from the community that they would like to see the community based organizations a tighter network and setting goals and direction. if they hear there are kid here that need a program but they can't go here to have it how do we get that program over here?
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and even with our neighborhood organizations like with valley brown are involved in helping get the programs there. so and another in terms of how we all work together is it a starting to be apparent as the new funding cycle came down the team programming was not going to be refunded. basically the community came together and came to our office. the supervisor made sure they were funded in the add back process. working together to say this one here and here and here so that we are working in a very kind of macro level with the community based organizations, the police, with the neighborhood
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organizations, with the merchant's associations working together having an idea in terms of what's going on to be able to set the direction of the needs. if that makes sense? >> other, yes. [inaudible].
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>> yes. >> if i understand what you are asking. for the cameras what you are asking is is there a difference with the change of captains? >> yes. >> and so far i can speak personally that it's been a positive change and smooth transition and we are moving forward at a faster pace than we
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were before. it could. it hasn't. it's been reinforced. we feel we have more support now. believe it or not we all work as a team. we don't always agree on this panel. there's been a lot of arguments. and working problem solving. it's not easy and we are not done we are not a finished product. we are still moving forward. we are 40 percent complete and it's taken a year and a half to get there. we would move faster if we didn't have a lot of thein are struggles. we don't, sometimes we fight each other. sometimes we fight the elements
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out there. does that help? >> i wanted to say you asked if it was hard on the community? >> oh , yeah. it's hard. it's just hard always. there are always changes there are always change in supervisors and merchants and the community it's a struggle. us with the captain he came in and it was so smooth. we were lucky i was worried. i never met him. he came in and it was wonderful. like we were skipping down the street together for years. perfect harmony. yeah, it's always hard and as far as us because we work on different grants and things together. we fight all the time because i consider them my family. you know how you fight with our
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family you are like don't call me again and the next day you call and say, what do we have to do. that's how it is for us. >> yes. >> uh-huh. >> >> right. her question is is talking about what the community's role is in the safety. and also what's realistic? i think that goes once again the realistic goal is everybody neighborhood's different. it depends on how many get involved in the beginning. the beginning of our model. i went to community meetings in the mission and hayes valley and even though i couldn't get my
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neighborhood rolling as fast as i wanted to and i'm an impatient person i went to the other community groups that were already organized and the movers and the shakers and i got involved with them and said what can i take here? i started small like what could we do that would be positive that would get people excited. i did this event for safe pass on the streets with the kids. i thought, may be i will write a grant for mayor's office of we decide of community criminal justice. and we got it. and we were like. oh , we get to educate the community members. i thought. how about the challenge grant. we got it. you have to toss in the deep end and swim.
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you have to do that and set our goals then and be realistic. it hasn't been easy. we have a web server. that was a big one. when we did the neighborhood cleanups and events we got web server. now anything that happens there are one or 2 on the block part of the web server you set it up on google group. say a couple of people are on that when we have an event or meeting we say can you make fliers and pass them out on your block. so like seniors who don't have a computer they will get the fliers. we flyer all the public housing. we feel it's something we have to do. they are part of our community and we want to make sure they are there on decisions and know what's going on.
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also, you know, we try to communicate when we see each other i will tell ali should go and he tells people. it's word of mouth and putting fliers up. it's not easy. i don't want to make this sound like it's a cake walk because it hasn't been all the time. i think when people see something positive even though it's little first people will say i don't want to be with that group all the sudden they show up and are a part of t. the community it's your responsibility. that's your role. >> yeah. >> yes.
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>> you are asking the question is, in your case there is purse snatchings in your neighborhood and you would like to know what time of day they are occurring. who the suspects are, the descriptions and what's occurring. >> okay. we actually have a break down by neighborhoods now. it's totally available. you can work with your district station captain to get that information. you can kault police department and kault district station captain he should be able to get you. everything's broken down by neighborhoods. we can break down the crime by specific crime to specific areas. we call it the pin map. because we identify on a map
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where everything is occurring so we can have the officers target that. if you notice i never refer to the officers at foot beat officers they are beat officers i expect them if they have a purse snatching situation and they need to handle that they can go in civilian dress or bicycles they can use a car. i'm not restricting them to that. that's information that's available to you. so, the information that they are using to determine their priorities in their for their crime fighting is available to you through the mapping service. i didn't bring the website. it should be on the website now. if you want to, i will make this offer if you contact northern station and leave your name and
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number i will have somebody to get back to you to give you the access information to that. >> depend who the suspects are. i have several phone calls from it is geneva mission there are some purse snatches and issues that occurred out there. i grew up out there my mother is still a lie a lot of her lady friends are concerned what's going on. usually the suspect's on a purse snatching will be the same suspect until we catch them. then it calms down and starts up
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again. the information is available to you and should be going out. at northern station if we have a series we send it out via our e mail news letter or do a special alert out. thank you. >> yes.
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>> it's probably going to be a question for the district attorney's representative. primarily the stay away orders i have seen served zrgenerally th person does not live there. my experience in the mission was we had several individuals who lived on shotwell street and their stay away orders were to stay away from 16th and mission and 24th and mission. and there are specific areas, other stay away orders are specific to wall greens you can't go to wall greens at
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certain times. the stay away orders some are specific, hal day plaza, un plaza. those type of things. i would like to make a comment on the youth question. we have a lot of gangs in san francisco. and i want you to think about how the gang operate and how they develop. a lot of them are in public housing. a child is born in public housing and go to school ki, wh they reach 13 they are considered solders and stuck in their 2 square block area. if they move out of there they are a target. and they are also expected to defend their area. they do not, their education suffers. their ability to get a job
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suffers. when we talk about bringing serves and breaking up the cycles that's what we are talking about is breaking up the cycles. but also getting involved in the pta it really brings resources networking resources to those parents that have those children in the schools. and you will give them a step up in life. you will give them an economic step up in life. and you will give them a confident step up in life. that's what you really are accomplishing by getting involved with the youth. having the police officers spend a lot of time at the back pack give aways and them spending time at the bbq's.
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you think why are you sending officers to the bbq the da will have a festival at the african-american culture center on the 22nd. i'm sending officers to bashing bq and hand out hot dogs and be around. they will be the security but an invisible security and be participating with them. and we are sponsoring our of our station fund we are paying for that. that's our contribution to the event. our contribution is the security and the food. but it's to generally build up the confidence in the neighborhood and try to give something that will help break that cycle that exists that causes the gangs to develop. another specific point. supervisor mirkarimi and i took
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a walk around the housing projects. one big issue with plaza east was the community room is closed at 6 o'clock in the evening. the kids need to have the community room open until 10 or 10:30. we made noise about keep itting open. so i went back when the a lot of the young adults were there and talked to them and said. we have been making a video because we put the computers in there. i said, all right. i'd like to take a look at it. we sat down, we watched the video. the sergeants and i were there. one said, you know some day we would like to have a film festival. i thought that was i cool idea. i picked up a newspaper and there was an article about spike lee saying there are no video
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producer should have with the internet you should be able to get your stuff out. i made a copy of that article and put northern station if you produce this film festival northern station will provide the security and close down the street for your festival. we put it on top of their computers. i asked the criminal justice people at the mayor's office and said do you think there is a wake to contact luke us films to see if anyone would to an internship. that thought is out there and that attempt is being made. i'm sure somebody will show up. what we told the kids when we stopped by the other day. some said, you really mean that
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about the film festival. i said who makes the big break you have to come back and buy everybody a house. i mean -- so -- the beat -- yeah. the beat man that's -- [laughter]. the beat man that's there he's telling me he says, they are talking to me and talking to me about a film. they are talking and they are all excited about something. still we have to provide the security because if they move 2 blocks in one direction that's enemy territory. so >> i can talk about the stay away order. because -- dealt with a lot of them. no. well we had an incident our da was here the last session.
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where the person was evicted out of public housing because they kept dealing drugs. well -- okay i'm telling you this situation and they were starting to deal in their van. in the same neighborhood. when it went to court with the stay away order the judge was like, they lived in the neighborhood. as a community we talked to our housing development and said, didn't you evict the person. it had to go back to the judge and said the person is not living in the neighborhood they are dealing out of their van. we had stay away orders where there is an area to sell drugs everyone knows where the area is they may live a few blocks away but you get the stay away order for where they were arrested you are connecting them from their
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territory. if they get arrested in their home then you can get them evicted whether it's a private resident in section 8 or public housing. yeah, that's the city attorney you would deal with with that. usually when we have stay away orders it's drug and it's in their territory and not in their home. you get the stay away order from the area they were arrested and it completely disconnected them from that block. they can't be there. you could get a stay away order in the park. exactly. i wanted to add in terms of this stay away order project or what hayes valand he lower haight worked on is they had the da's
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office at their meetings as they have been work on the issue to help deal with the particular situations. so if your da representative is not there ethyl can tell you. okay. so, i would talk to the da because they were instrumental. one other thing about the stay away orders, when they are cest up they can be as specific or general as needs be. if somebody lives very close to where the stay away order is and the stay away order is where he or she was doing business, there can be exceptions and conditions in this that say that this person can go to and from their house. from the bus stop to their house they can't be on the corner of
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16th and mission and loitering for the purpose of selling drugs or committing what their crime was but can walk through it to go home. they can take a bus from there if they can't find a place to take a bus. it can be spelled out that specifically so as not to restrict somebody from going to and from their home. >> any other questions? that's it? >> yes. >> absolutely. because octavia boulevard. they come through our neighborhood like it's the freeway. coming to get on the freeway. they barely stop at the stop
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signs the turn on the relates and the kids are on the corner. they are coming on through. when we did the safe path we held up signs saying slow down. one of the thing we promote our philosophy is all the children are our responsibility. and a lot of the bus stops at the children are going to to get on to their schools where they are going to work. we are telling the community, watch out for the kids. if a kid is standing off of the curb say, tell the child. get back on the curb this is not safe. what we are really doing is saying this is we all have to be family. if you see a child or someone that needs may be advice to get back to the curb let them know and do it in a kindly way. we have a huge safety concern
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with the traffic. >> on the traffic issue the best thing that happen todd san francisco is 311. there are a lot of -- to drive this san francisco or traffic in san francisco is a nightmare an engineering nightmare the city was not designed for this. there are a lot of things you can look for. trees over grown that are covering the sign starting to cover a sign, call in right away so dpw can trim them. lines that need to be painted, call in. dpw they have inspectors that are going out but can't catch everything. basically you are the eyes and ears for city government and using that 311 is really important because it gives you a tracking number and it's like a
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work order number. anything you can do. look, listen and you can make a phone call, for example, we are working on a project in the marina that deals with it came to our attention some person who is a bicyclist noticed and timed one of the lights and discovered it was out of sequence much we got that over to dpt. they are correcting it. also in the course of correcting there were 2 contradictory work orders one with the state and city. you discover those things. van ness and lum bard are state highways.


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